The title compound 1 (Cp2Zr(Cl)CH(CH3)OCH2CH3, Cp = n5-C5H5) has been prepared in good yield by treatment of Cp2ZrCl2 with (1-ethoxyethyl)lithium. Compound 1 is the first example of a stable, structurally characterized secondary zirconocene alkyl derivative which shows no tendency to rearrange to the primary alkyl derivative at room temperature. Carbon monoxide and isocyanides react with 1 to give migratory insertion products without rearrangement of the 1-ethoxyethyl fragment. At high temperatures, 1 decomposes to give ethylene and Cp2Zr(Cl)OCH2CH3, the same products obtained at ambient conditions from the reaction of Cp2ZrHCl (Schwartz’s reagent) with ethyl vinyl ether.