Ivan Buslov
Lab Positions Start Date End Date End Date2 Fellowships and Awards Current Position Previous Institutions
Postdoctoral Researcher 2017 2019 2019 Swiss National Science Foundation fellowship, 2016 Research associate at EPFL, Switzerland

School: Lomonosov Moscow State University, MSc in chemistry

Advisor: Dr. P.V. Ivchenko and Prof. I. E. Nifantiev

Thesis: Design and Synthesis of New Types of Bis(imino)pyridyl Complexes as Catalysts for Ethylene Polymerization

School: École polytechnique fédéral de Lausanne, PhD

Advisor: Prof. Xile Hu

Thesis: Nickel-catalyzed Hydrosilylation of Alkenes and Transition-Metal-Free Intermolecular α-C-H Amination of Ethers